Monday, March 4, 2013

A little update!

I got myself a box of raptors a few days ago, and I've taken a liking to them when I swapped them with my Berserkers. Comparing them to a Berserker, it's no wonder why these guys are so much better than a berserker. Let's look at the stats and points.

Stats wise, what does a berserker offer? Outside of an in-built mark of khorne and WS5, they don't really have anything else to add outside of chainsaws (which grants AP4. Wooooow.) and their slowass slogging requires them to possess a Land Raider if they want to get anywhere else. All these effectively leads to a hefty 400 points, or more, for a 10 man Berserker Squad with Land Raider.

Now, let's look at the Raptor. Effectively just a marine, okay. But they have jump packs, which mean they can either move 12 inches on the movement, or reroll charge distance on an assault. Okay, that's one advantage over the Berserkers, being able to move 12 inches on your movement meant you're pretty swift on your feet. Add in run, and you're looking at the ability to move an average of 15-16 inches per turn, which means running around in circles or taking out isolated targets. What else can they do? Throw mark of khornes into them, and you're looking at a +2 Attack instead of +1 on a charge. Very nice. Add in an Icon of Wrath, and you can re-roll charge distances!

Wait, wat.

Yes, with 12 inch movement and a reroll your charge, you effectively just created a squad of Berserkers with jump packs, which you can also outfit with 2 meltaguns for an added anti-vehicle punch. What are you sacrificing? a +1 to your WS and Fearless. Minor details! If you're using a bike lord (or jump pack lord if you're feeling cheap.) You're already effectively fearless by attaching your Chaos Lord to them! You can't deny how useful having that extra mobility is, without needing a rhino or a land raider just to get their butts into combat. If not into combat, then just jumping into the enemy's face to deny objectives! Best of all, with Mark of Khorne, Icon of Wrath, 2 meltaguns, and maybe a combi-melta/combi-plasma and lightning claw upgrade to the sergeant, you're looking at a measly 280 points for a flexible squad.

So, in summary:

+ Extra killy power in the form of +1 WS and Attack
+ Free Mark of Khorne
+ Fearless
+ Troop choice if you take Chaos Lord with Mark of Khorne
- Not very mobile
- Needs Land Raider to penetrate enemy tender nether regions
- With that cost it comes to about 400 pts, 240 if you go for a rhino instead.
- You can't take Meltaguns

+ Mobility (12 inch movement)
+ With an Icon of Wrath, you get to reroll charge distances
+ Meltagun equippable.
+ Deep-strikeable.
- Less 1 attack and 1 WS than Berserkers
- Not fearless on their own
- Not a troop choice
- Bulky (but who the hell puts them in vehicles anyway?)

In summary, if you're the guy who like super violence and you're taking a Land Raider anyway, then the Berserkers might be a good choice. But if you want flexibility and the ability to adapt given the situation, then take the Raptors instead.

Might be making a new list soon. Fluffy the terrible has not served me well, so what am I going to do? Well, let's just say that a bunch of Traitorous Guardsmen are going to be serving their Chaos Masters with artillery soon...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Iron Warriors Warband (The Siege Breakers)

Played a few games of 40k the last few weeks. Chaos is FUN. I can feel the warp overtaking meeeeee!


Anyhow. The list I've played was durable. Susceptible to aerial attacks, but I'm unfortunately going to have to "ignore" aerial threats because I don't have the points or the models to dedicate to anti-air. (Plus apparently Aegis Lines are just too static to play, and Vindicators being 24 inches with their shells of doom... blegh.) So instead of covering that one weakness, I've decided to make the rest of the list extremely killy. Introducing, the reworked list!

Chaos Lord in Termie Armor 187 pts
- Mark of Khorne
- Power Fist
- Lightning Claw
- Sigil of corruption
- Gift of Mutation

Warpsmith 140 pts
- Plasma Pistol
- Mark of Nurgle

Elites: 210 pts
- Additional 1 Terminator
- Combi Bolters replaced by Combi-plasmas (all)
- Mark of Khorne
- Champion with Icon of Wrath
- Champion with Power Fist
- Champion with Gift of Mutation
- 3 Power Swords

Chaos Land Raider (DT) 240
- Extra Armor

10 x Chaos Space Marines 253 points
- Icon of Vengeance
- Champion with Mark of Nurgle, Combi-Melta and Power Sword
- 1 x Plasma Gun
- 1 x Plasma Gun
- Chaos Rhino DT

10 x Khorne Berzerkers 265
- Champion with Power Sword
- Icon of Wrath
- Chaos Rhino DT

10 x Chaos Cultists 50

1 x Vindicator 135
- Daemonic Possession

1 x Vindicator 135
- Daemonic Possession

1 x Maulerfiend 135
- Lasher Tendrils

1750 pts

The Chaos Lord has dropped the Blind Axe in exchange for the infamous Power Fist/Lightning Claw combo. Because both are specialist weapons, the Lord STILL gets the +1a on account of having an additional CCW. The power fist is essentially Mutually Assured Destruction with any enemy units with a power fist as well, or something that hits spectacularly hard at I1. The Lightning Claw will work wonders as a crowd-thinning weapon, since I've been unable to deal damage on to wound rolls. (The lord had 4 hits and all came up 1,1,1,2. Wtf man. Also, he's now a veteran because he hates marines, so make of that what you will.

His buttbuddies Terminator Elites that ride alongside in Land Raider has dropped the Axes in favor of Power Swords, with the sergeant carrying a powerfist. S8 at I1 is a hell lot better than a measly S6 at I1. 3 of them carry Swords instead to cut down the enemy size before they get too overwhelming for the rest of the squad.

Land Raider keeps extra armor because being able to still fire all my weapons and move is better than being bogged down and shot till stunned.

The CSM dropped the Mark of Nurgle due to their role. Instead of slogging about, they're  more likely to sit in the rhino popping off their Plasma Guns at the enemy instead of standing out in the open, with the champion carrying a Combi-melta if things get too dicey. If they're seizing an objective, it'll have to be either because it's already turn 4, or that objective came up with the Skyfire trait.

10 Chaos cultists were added with the gap that came in with removing the Aegis Defense Lines. These cultists aren't really much to talk about. They're just either seizing the closest objectives or making a mad dash for the enemy's own while the enemy focus fires on my Maulerfiend/Vindicators/Chaos Lords/Something that is actually a threat.

The Vindies proved their worth with Daemonic Possession alright. Shaking off stunned and shaken effects on 2+? That means they're still firing their horrible S10 weapons at the enemy while laughing with daemonic glee. Definitely worth the points invested into it. Maulerfiends have the lasher tendrils because apparently they don't just reduce 2 attacks overall, but rather every model engaged with it has their Attack reduced by 2 because of the twin Lasher Tendrils. This means a lot less hits and less chances of destruction caused by a bunch of heavy melee units.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Iron Warriors march!

Hold up. A Tau blog? Collaborating with the ruinous powers? REALLY?!

Holy balls yes. After careful deliberation (read: none), I've decided to turn my sights to the wondrous army that was recently given a new edition rehaul. Yep, Chaos Spess Mahreens. Before anyone accuse me of being a bandwagon jumper, I say I've always been a fan of the Iron Warriors so shut it.

After getting scathing advice from veterans at the FLGS I often waste my life on, I've retooled a list with a rather generic and probably woefully underprepared army. STILL, it may prove to be entertaining so ha.

Chaos Lord in Termie Armor 155 pts
- Mark of Khorne
- Axe of Blind Fury
- Ichor Blood

Warpsmith 120 pts
- Mark of Nurgle

Elites: 170 pts
- Additional 1 Terminator
- Mark of Khorne
- Icon of Wrath
- Champion with Power Fist
- Rest Power Axes

Chaos Land Raider (DT) 245
- Extra Armor

10 x Chaos Space Marines 235 points
- 10 x Mark of Nurgle 
- Icon of Vengeance
- 2 x Plasma Guns
- Chaos Rhino DT

16 x Khorne Berzerkers 334
- Champion with Melta Bombs
- Champion with Power Sword

1 x Vindicator 135
- Daemonic Possession

1 x Vindicator 135
- Daemonic Possession

1 x Maulerfiend 125

Icarus Lascannon Aegis Defense Line 85

1749 pts

The general idea with this list is to keep the Chaos Lord and his retinue of friendly Iron Terminators in the land raider, advancing in a beeline straight for the enemy lines alongside his pet Maulerfiend he has affectionately named "Fluffy the terrible." 16 Khorne Berserkers use the two vehicles as cover as they run like crazed maniacs towards the enemy lines with wild abandon for their own safety.

The 2 vindicators will sit comfortably behind the Aegis defense line tended softly to by the Warpsmith, who will also be tending to the Icarus Lascannon shooting down any fliers dumb enough to enter his sights.

The Chaos Space Marines act as a Swiss Army Knife. If it's kill points, they'll spend most of the game sitting behind the Aegis Defense Line guarding the Warpsmith and his Vindicators. If it's objective, they speed off in their Rhino and dogpile on top of the objective, and become a stubborn plague that refuses to be washed off by the enemy, thanks to their T5 from Nurgle Marks and the Icon of vengeance which makes them fearless.

All of this sounds fun in theory but playing the game (and being subjected to terrain) may completely change the way I'll play. So until I get solid results, this is essentially WILD SPECULATION.

(CSM veterans plz dont hurt me)

Monday, July 9, 2012

The word of Aun'Va (New list for 6e)

I based this list off the advice of a fellow 40k player. It was the list I used to run in the 6e Playtesting weekend the other day. I call it "The Word of Aun'va".

HQ: (518 Pts)
Shas'O Commander with Bodyguards
- Burst Cannon
- Missile Pods
- Shield Generator
- HW Multi-tracker
- HW Drone controller (2 x Shield Drones)

2 x Shas'vre Bodyguards
- Flamer
- Burst Cannon
- Shield Generator
- HW Multi Tracker

Ethereal + Honor Blade
- Drone Controller (2 x Shield Drones)

Honor Guard, 12 x Fire Warriors

Elites: (330 pts)
Stealth Team A (3)
Team Leader + Markerlight + HW Drone Controller (2 x Marker Drones)
Burst Cannons

Stealth Team B (3)
Team Leader + Markerlight + HW Drone Controller (2 x Marker Drones)
Burst Cannons

Troops: (260 pts)
12 x Firewarriors + Shas'Ui

12 x Firewarriors + Shas'Ui

Fast Attack: (201 pts)
8 x Pathfinders + Shas'ui

1 x PF Devilfish
- Sensor Spines
- Disruption Pods

H. Support: (438 pts)
2 x Broadsides + Blacksun Filters

2 x Broadsides + Blacksun Filters

2 x Broadsides + Blacksun Filters

Sunday, July 8, 2012

6th ed Shenanigans part II

Remember when I said 6th ed would help give Tau a fighting chance? Forget would, it DEFINITELY helped. Thanks to a lot of new things: Pre-measure, Mobile rapid fire, and Stealthsuit buffs.

Before 6th ed, I was struggling with 5th edition because I have a very wonky sense of distance. This meant me getting the shit kicked out of me three times a day all week, especially when I misjudge the distance for my Fire Warriors to shoot my intended target. This is because:

A: You can only fire rapid fire shots at 12 inches after moving.
B:  Back in 5th ed, rapid fire meant you are now in assault range.

When 6th edition rolled around, Firewarriors became a lot more lethal by allowing rapid fire guns to fire a single shot up to their weapon's maximum range, and rapid fire's distance is half of your maximum range. This allowed my Firewarriors to effectively move around and shoot their targets with 30 inch guns, forcing assault units to either take the risk of charging straight into an entire line of plasma fire, or sitting back and being a complete point sink. Additionally, pre-measure allowed me to judge the maximum shooting range to effectively ensure everyone was capable of shooting, while at the same time staying out of the enemy's field of fire.

That meant whittling them down one by one until we could execute the Mont'ka.

The next thing is Stealth Field Generators. Like I've mentioned in an earlier post, SFGs now confer Stealth + Shrouded instead of forced night vision and barrage re-rolls. This means they have a natural 4+ cover save in the open. If they get themselves in cover, they get a normal 2+ cover save. That's essentially a 2+ invul save for non-flamer/cover cancelling weapons. Stealthsuits in my army now no longer carry fusion blasters, but rather markerlights + markerdrones. Having them stick around in the cover and way out of enemy assault range made them a very hard to dislodge forward observation team.

With support from 6 to 9 broadsides, it's no surprise things WILL start dying. I've played at least three games with 6th ed during the weekend: vs Chaos Space Marines, Orks, and Grey Knights.

The first game against orks was a battle for each others objective in their deployment zone. (similar to the old one each objective.) However, the deployment favored me very heavily. The opponent played an ork army that focused primarily on assaulting. but the deployment, Hammer and Anvil, made us deploy on the SIDE table edges. This meant the ork's assault distance became a LOT longer. the game ended in a victory as I still held on to my objective, while my opponent had virtually lost the rest of his forces.

The second game was against Chaos Space Marines. Technically, the game ended in a draw; Both of us still had scoring units holding onto an equal number of objectives. HOWEVER, due to warp shenanigans, my objective ( which was booby trapped ), had to BLOW UP at the last turn of the game, killing off one Fire Warrior out of 3. Despite the presence of an Ethereal, the FWs failed their leadership and scurried off the table, thus costing me my objective, as well as my technical victory. (As I still maintained my Warlord while my opponent lose his.)

The last game was against Grey Knights. Like in the first game, the deployment was Hammer and Anvil, but this time I was playing against an army which could shrug off heavy weapons like it was a calm sunday afternoon. Despite an early encroachment into my gunlines by two Dreadknights and the horrible misfortune of losing my advance Broadside team, I eventually won the day by holding onto my objective for dear life, while Shas'vre'Ram'Bo, the last surviving member of Stealth team B, assault jumped into the enemy's lines and contested his objective, leaving me as the winner of the game as I maintained my hold on my own objective.

So far, 6th ed has really given my army a new lease on life. In fact my horrible rolls have even started to slowly wane. If my luck keeps up, maybe I could score a decent amount of wins/draws instead of constant desperate draws and total defeats.

Monday, July 2, 2012

6th Ed Shenanigans ahoy!

It's the 2nd quarter of 2012 and that usually means stuff being released by GW around this time! Though it's less an army update but 6th Edition, joy to the world!

I've taken a glance through some of the new rules, and I have to say, suddenly Tau looks viable again! There's even a reason to take at least one flamer-configuration Crisis suit in squads now, as they damage charging models with D3 wounds before they actually begin hitting you with instakill/ludicrous close combat abilities. I also welcome overwatch. This has been the rule every static Tau gunline has been waiting for. The ability to deal some damage before falling.

Acute senses is now completely changed in it's function. Because of the change that night fighting now revolves around pre-determined distances between the shooter and the target, acute senses now allows for re-rolling the table edge should you arrive in via outflanking, which makes Stealth Suits a modicum of usefulness now that they have a chance of arriving from the edge you wanted in the first place. Blacksun filters are also a good choice now that they can negate night fighting rules, which states that enemy models at 12 inches to 24 get a +1 to cover saves, and targets from 24 to 36 inches get +2 cover save. Anything beyond that, you can't shoot. While everyone else is mucking about unable to shoot 36 inches away, the Broadsides have an entire 72 inches to screw the enemy up with, complete with Blacksun filters.

What, don't want to give up your suit mobility? Then give your Broadside team a leader and allocate him a Hard-wired Blacksun filter. Even if the rest of the team can't shoot, your leader can still stomp and relocate and still throw out str 10 ap 1 shots as he goes.

(I'm actually expecting this to be nerfed. GW and all, spess mahreens etc.)
I'd add more but that's all I know for now. I'll probably get a test game this weekend or something. Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Post Battle report - Against the Green TIde

Welp. Today marked the first day I visited Warp Space Games (Run by a bunch of good chaps here) and played my first round against the gentlemen there. The Tau Force proves to be still a reasonably lethal army, proving that even nobs will still fall against the might of massed pulse rifles, plasma rifles, missile pods, and Railguns.

However, the fact that we need so much shit just to take away a squad of nobz is a testament to how badly nerfed we are against the existing codices. Personal misgivings aside, let's get straight onto the battle. My opponent was an Ork player going by the name of Warboss Hosey, running a massive ork blob with two trukks, wartrakks, and two squads of nobs. The mission was objective based, rolling a 3, which meant a total of 4 objectives. Objective placement was a bit derpy, to say the least. Two objectives easily within squad coherency stretching on two quarters of the table. After that, it was time to roll for mission deployment. Oh the excitement! Oh the glorious! Oh, the freaking Dawn of War.

I hate Dawn of War sometimes. Limiting your first turn lethality and essentially giving players time to set their forces in position is one thing. It's another when all your firepower relies on getting the first view, shooting really far away and smashing them to bits before they even get within range. Anyway, I chose to let Hosey deploy first, which he proceeded to drop a trukk full of Nobs and a Warboss. Right behind a ruin. When it came to my turn for deployment, I deployed Shas'O'Es'Oni right in front of the cathedral ruin, directly on the other side trukk, and proceeded to camp at my objectives quarter with two layers of Firewarriors. Then the plasma bolts and slugga rounds flew everywhere and everything started dying! Fun times.

The first turn saw little action due to Dawn of War obscuring everyone's sight, while the heavy artillery were all rolling in from the table edge for both sides. The only thing worth mentioning is Es'Oni, of course. Thanks to the jump infantry rule, he popped right out of the cathedral and let loose a barrage of plasma and missiles into the Trukk. Which proceeded to penetrate and leave a big boom mark. Ramshackle happened, but could not save it from the effect that was explosion! No one was wounded, however. Damned toughskinned Nobz.

Turn 2 saw the begin of hostilities as Hosey moved his 30 ork blob into position to start firing their big shootas at my 8 Firewarriors. Despite their loudness and strength, Orks are notoriously inaccurate shooters and their shots proceeded to murder only one out of eight firewarriors.

Then the most awesome thing happened. To the west was a trukk intent on flanking my firewarriors to kill them and seize the objectives. My Pathfinder devilfish decided to ruin it's day by first clogging up the entry point, and disembarking the two little gun drones. During my shooting face, they proceeded to start being awesome, both rolling a 5 on their to hit rolls. Another drone proceeded to increase that awesome level by rolling a six on the to-penetrate roll. And finally, on the penetrate result, it rolled ANOTHER 6. Ramshackle happened again, Hosey rolled a six. Nothing happened except the truck was wrecked, it's nobs forced to slog their way through the vehicle to get to the Firewarriors.

Meanwhile, a trio of Missile Pod Crisis Suits deep-striked right behind the Nobz. Seizing the opportunity from forcibly ejecting them from their transport, the suits proceeded to rain missile death on the nobs. Except, unlike the drones, they forgot to drink their badass medicine and only a nob was grievously injured, and unfortunately, alive.

Turn 3 was where the hostilities reached a peak point, as a wartrakk moved itself into a position where it would continuously pelt my unfortunate firewarriors with big shootas. However, the ork seemed to be far more interested in shooting the birds circling in the sky than the firewarriors with their angry pulse rifles, as only one shot connected and was gloriously saved. (For Aun'Va!) The ork mob continued to pelt and clean up the failed attack, and eventually brought down the unfortunate firewarrior. But no leadership rolls yet because we still presevere!

Obviously, Hosey wasn't going to let my Missile Crisis team survive, so the Nobs charged and proceeded to brutalize the team. However, on the eastern side, the Stealthsuits and Shas'El'Lynu'Kau's team emerged from their reserves... and proceeded to wreck the secondary wartrakk and wound 3 out of the 2nd 30 ork squad, consisting of 'Ard Boyz. The Smart Missile System proved its worth this time around, however. As Markerlights lighted up the 30 ork squad that had been pelting my firewarriors to the ground, 12 shots fired at BS2 massacred a large chunk of the squad, which was then proceeded to be mauled further by the firewarriors returning fire. Eventually, the ork squad was reduced to only 14 orks. But their mob rule still made them fearless. Damn them!!!

Eventually, the missile crisis team lost combat on my assault turn and was then proceeded to have the snot beaten out of them as the big choppas descended on the poor bastard.

TURN 4-6:
Turn 4-5 wasn't anything particular excitable save for the slaughter of the recently arrived interlopers, and the firewarriors, now backed with firepower from the broadside, sent the 16 Ork squad running off the table with nothing but 5 orks remaining. After that it was a game of chicken. Hosey advanced with his nobs, intent on slaughtering my firewarriors and contesting the objective so that he would win as he controls two, and contests one, while I would only control one objective.

Alas, he underestimated the amount of sheer firepower I would unleash upon him: Submunition shots from the Hammerhead softened the tightly packed nobs from recently smashing the grav drives of the Devilfish, Pulse Rifles wore them down, and the commander eventually popped out the last remaining nob. Then it was the Warboss and Es'Oni to fight. Xeno-to-Xeno.

Predictably, despite the Tau Commander's bravado, he had done nothing except lock the warboss in combat, and proceeded to get slaughtered. However, his loss came with an opportunity, as the loss of my commander was on Hosey's assault turn, that meant that the warboss was now in clear sight of my entire Broadside team. With a little help from the pathfinders, the broadsides delivered a solid rail slug into the face of the warboss, utterly annihilating him. Strength 10 AP 1, fools!

After the combat, the surviving warboss declared himself the new boss of the klan, and decided to cut their losses and retreat. Similarly, the Tau forces retreated as well, with both their leaders grievously injured and with no way of securing the objectives from the massive remaining ork mob.

Post-game thoughts In hindsight perhaps I shouldn't have deepstriked the Missile Pod team right into the back of the nobs, even if that did buy time to keep the nobs away for one extra turn so I could plug the opening with my Devilfish. Likewise, Lynu'Kau's team wasn't very effective here as well, as they enemy was not running a heavy armor list. Using the stealthsuits without targetting arrays made me realize how useless 18 Burst Cannon shots were if they didn't hit anything.

The broadsides and the Pathfinders were lethal in this game. With the extremely low amount of terrain in the field, the combo could tear the enemy apart before any Ork even realized they were dead. All in all, forcing a draw in the game was good enough for me: Better a draw than a complete and total defeat.

Casualties [Tau]:
2 HQ
2 Elite
1 troop
1 vehicle

Casualties [Ork]:
1 HQ
1 Elite
1 Troop
4 Vehicles

Farsight would return to teach these ork looters a true brutal lesson. But until then, it's time to lick our wounds and restrengthen the airborne assault force!

"Each must find their own way. If those in our heartland had witnessed the savageries of the void as have we they would know this. The hand of each of the starfarers is turned against the other; none will join their strength together just to see their ancient enemies prosper. Neither should we." -Commander Farsight